Typing Boss

The Typing Boss is the First Indian Company offering free typing practice and online typing test facility. We made a scientific approach to improve your typing test. The simple rule of thumb is the as more you practice your typing speed will improve accordingly there is no short cut for improve typing skills, because fast typing is a skill not a god gift to anyone. Some of basics rule can improve your typing speed are listed below. These rules are from my personal experience for learning typing -typing-test

  1. Type without seeing at the keyboard. It will save your lots of time.
  2. Whatever language you are practicing you should be well know by mean of vocabulary too for example if you looking for  English Typing Test then more spellings you know you can type correctly and fast you don’t have to read each character separately.
  3. Read the whole line and starts type it.
  4. Type accurately is better than fast but wrong typing, Because if you mistype a single character then you have to delete it and then type it again means because of one character mistake you lost time of 3 character.
  5. Your sitting position can also play a big role in improve typing speed. While typing always sit straight.
  6. In beginning of 7 days you will notice no improvement in your speed, but after that you will find you speed is going faster and faster day by day.

Typing boss provide online typing assessment for 5 Minute Typing Test, 10 Minute Typing Test in free.